Why this project?

The project Terroirs de Merlusse consists of two key food education activities: outdoor food walks and nutritional cooking workshops. Add to this, a pinch of women's solidarity, and you will be offered the Diet'terroir box for dietary cooking tips.


The meaning of terroir or local products of terroir cannot be simply summed up. It is a rather complex notion, strictly French, although ...


This pseudonym was chosen to reflect the imprint of an adsorbed culture and of stories told over the years ... 

Soft skills and human values

  • Aspiring humanist. Men and women move towards a future or out of necessity or for discovery. Through these choices, whether forced or not, they meet each other in a way that leads people to live together. Experiencing cross-cultural exchanges and getting involved in it means embracing diversity and cross-fertilising from our differences!
  • Enthusiast of cuisine. I treasure the chance to prepare a variety of products and enjoy the little pleasures of recipes I discover every day. Sharing this intangible cooking heritage around a table is part of the French art of living. You will find authenticity through the products of French terroirs (authenticity in which the welcome reflects the local climate!)
  • Budding polymath. Creativity and imagination are cognitive abilities that are specific to human beings, so let's continue to develop these capacities in our lives, at work and for knowledge sharing. Wondering how much better public and cultural education is possible; if it could be edible, it would be a step forward for the uncertain future of our planet!

IN LYON (NGOs : ERIS, escales solidaires d'Habitat&Humanisme, La Cloche) : Series of workshops and local discovery tours are given within the framework of more inclusive initiation in France and more engaging social actions. It aims to give to every citizen of this planet the empowerment as an impermanent or permanent citizen of Lyon territory.


Anecdotes of one socially committed life

  • During a workshop, several languages can be spoken at the same time and yet, each other manage to communicate: the beneficiaries explain themselves to each other and mutual help becomes the added value of these exchanges which allow progress.
  • When you are confronted with a vulnerable public, there are some setbacks like the case of this person who has been missing for a week, without leaving any trace. [This person, you may have come across him in the street, is a real human being who wished to speak French and who wants to start a life in safety]. Finally, 10 days later, Sami was found at the French-German border. Relief.
  • Satisfaction : MD Pranto shared his enthusiasm for the workshop with a big smile hidden behind the mask : he had understood everything.
  • Collective laughter in the room: it sometimes only requires a gesture brought at the right moment to instill a collective movement. Thank you Hossain for replacing a moment of misunderstanding a word by a joyful group instant.
  • Joining people from here or elsewhere to different activities such as the Dance Biennial or a pedagogical walk, is a way to pass on a share of what we have learned. The smiles and gratitude of Sabriya, David or Ismail are always there at each association activity! 
  • What's next? 

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