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As an authentic local food plateau of eating habits and cultures, the Nutri'In workshops will tell you the stories of local products from Lyon and the surroundings.

A slow food local tourism approach and an outside dietary accompaniment, let's meet for a local excursion to talk about outdoors nutrition between us! 

Available in several formats - 30' Diet Online, the Diet'terroir box, and consultations (in progress) - you will find your supporting toolkit on how to eat better locally and regionally.

Multiply your dietetic experiences with Terroirs de Merlusse by subscribing to an adapted formula!

Nutri'In - France
APERO : French well-known cheese and deli meats plateau

Is it possible to eat healthy cuisine from terroir[teʁwaʁ] roots?

Nutri'Outdoors - Lyon

Vineyards found in Lyon metropolis

Would you like to stroll through the surrounding areas and get a taste of the raw products consumed in Lyon?

International women dolls for the transmission of dietary tips

Why support the sorority in an artisanal diet' gift box?

Local food context
Upgrading the notion of rooting the French lands & significance of food landscapes

Health-environment education
Nutrition recommendations & stakeholder-consumer involvement in their dietetic commitments

  • I know how to read the natural and human landscapes - Top skill: Socio-cultural mediation
  • Graduated from a Master in Environmental Sciences, it was not enough for me to convey my passion on eating habits unearthed around Lyon and elsewhere - Currently being professional adjusted with a 2-year course on dietetics
  • I feel like I want to get back to the basics of nutrition and human wellness with well-sourced and scientific inputs.

If you also want to take part in the project, help me with my diet training by participating in a 30-minute online session!

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Education terroir & ONLY terroir

- teʁwaʁ in english

Nutrition & Methodology

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