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What is Social Food Lyon?

Food is a social fact, influencing humans
through culture, politics, religion, gender, etc.

How much do we have in common?

Inclusive food concept

Do you think your cuisine is the best? Everyone does!
So many emotions while sharing meals. Imagine if
- you could promote recipes and products in respect of social traditions and seasonality of the land you are currently living in
- you could adjust traditional way of cooking with contemporary food science
- you could monitor your home cooking time by improving tastings and food intakes

Check out some social food facts below!

Wiki World Food

Find online food basket of cultural mix! It might answer to some of your concerns, issues, life problems...

Why dietetics?

Try social innovation through food knowledge in your area, in your country, in your continent! Here the role of a dietitian to help :
Someone who is able to give food advices regarding the lifestyle and consumption habits of people, using adaptive education, active listening and health facilitator communication skills.
Don't hesitate to cure your lifestyle conditions!


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