Alive feminine discovery

Bring us together around moments that focus on historical facts about women in Lyon and on food interests

From North-West of Lyon to the center old town Lyon 5, until Lyon 2

- Mostly on Saturday, when you come to visit Lyon!
But late summer, autumn and winter are good times for urban walks in Lyon.

Less than 300 m

- Baskets


- "Sororité remains torn between two logics: to unite in the face of a common oppression and to analyze lucidly those which cross the movement."
- "Covid-19 pandemic and its social and economic-associated crisis repel equality between men and women of 36 years back in the world" 
- "Activate our sorority and our solidarity"




Landscaping / Point terroir locavore

Les Monts d'Or possess several lands of vineyards called AOC Côteaux du Lyonnais. Thus it's the closest vineyard of Lyon. Visit of the cave Le Bouc et La Treille.



Back to town!

Along the banks of the Saône, a retrospective on the illustrious deeds of two women from Lyon: Berthe Albrecht and Andrée Merle.



Exquisite slope rise

After a detour to the Rosa Mir garden, we'll have a drink and chat about cooking or how to combine local culture teʁwaʁ, well-being and health nutrition.

Education terroir & ONLY terroir

- teʁwaʁ in english

Nutrition & Methodology

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