Story and values of Merlusse

A reminder to my native roots: I wished to use the pseudonym Merlusse to demonstrate how deep the memories of my childhood in the Vosges are anchored. Indeed, Merlusse is the local name instead of Mélusine, more well-known in France. It is a key personage in the fairy tales of the Indo-European medieval world, spreading out under different names and in different parts of Europe (or even further... an aspara named Urvashi is found in Hindu mythology).

As a fairy traveler and builder, Merlusse ventures beyond borders!
A part of life in some of the most international European capitals - London, Paris, Brussels - is bound to lead to atypical encounters with the workers of Babel. Then, once soaked in all of this cosmopolitan diversity of cultures, I feel changed like a caterpillar wrapping itself in a chrysalis of cultural and social richness.
This multicoloured butterfly flying away translates an aspiration to become involved as a citizen of the World.


Merlusse persona

Initiating curiosity is not activated when traveling across the globe, it starts at the very bottom of one's door and as for me, it has grown through the epic getaways that I experienced with my parents, traveling the roads of France. It is a matter of marvel and adventurous initiatives to choose one's own territory or a foreign territory as a playground for local and typical discoveries.

If on Christmas Eve, snow falls in between the cheese and the dessert, that's the very moment I chose, with my father, to go down to the public square to carve snow figurines.

What about the food culture here?

Sharing food with other individuals tightens the bonds in so far as the tastes sensed by the different palates give rise to emotions and reactions. It seems as if typical tastes, childhood tastes, new tastes make authentic the moment of intimate sharing created by the culinary sensory experience. I am a researcher of these thrilling moments of mutual abandonment of the 5 senses!

Before reaching those ephemeral and unique moments, we must consider the French concept of terroir. I have serious doubts about the existence of terroir lands and local products that are only available in France, but the word is not translated in any other way, at the international level. Given the plurality of traditions and foods on Earth, the know-how and art of living peculiar to a territory are infinite! It is therefore time to set out on a quest for unknown terroirs, locavore terroirs and urban terroirs with the aim of nurturing the world's intangible heritage, which is so varied and emotionally charged.

Merlusse eyes...

Education terroir & ONLY terroir

- teʁwaʁ in english

Nutrition & Methodology

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