What is one Diet' terroir box?

Treat yourself or prepare this diet' terroir box for a dear one!

Create your combination! 49€ (+shipping fees)

Choose your doll


Wool doll

Between Lady Shi, Minakshi, Oshun et Merlusse, which one will you choose?
To know more about each one, follow us!

Choose your nutri'tip


What is a nutri'tip?

The nutri'tip is an advice about nutrition related to 3 edible topics:
1/ Eating habits: cooking, seasoning and spicy cultures
2/ Fruits and vegetables or the phytochemicals (old names as pigments)
3/ Storage techniques of food
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In options

Choose your recipe (fusion homemade cuisine)


It's our carte blanche!

Though, tell us if you're more into salty, sweet taste or both!

Clue: We promote local products, served with a pinch of fusion cuisine.
Example of the tart Amandine

Need some help to read your mini-kit?

Let's have a call to discuss about your key food product and its related-landscape. Find its nutritional value in your daily habits!



Education terroir & ONLY terroir

- teʁwaʁ in english

Nutrition & Methodology

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