Terroir is part of France's overall intangible culinary heritage, since the French word has not (yet?)found a similar translation elsewhere. Let's go further into the complexity of the concept: the French terroir only exists through the assembly of the different terroirs of the geographical and traditional lands -Pays of France-, like a living jigsaw puzzle of a French terroir-lifestyle called art de vivre terroir, based on the

* various French eating styles (thus including culinary traditions),
* the multitude of typical products (wines and cheeses on top of the French gastronomic typicity!) and
* local mini-terroir-communities


Above, the computer artwork illustrates the definition of the word terroir as agreed by the INAO (French National Institute of Agronomy and Agriculture):
"A terroir is a delimited geographical space in which a human community builds, throughout its history, a collective knowledge of production, based on a system of interactions between a physical and biological environment and a set of human factors. The socio-technical itineraries involved in this way reveal originality, confer typicality, and lead to reputation, for a good native to this geographical area".

Every region proudly displays the heritage of its terroir as a mark of authenticity and uniqueness. It is a source for representations of local cultures and social identities to which individuals in the small lands - pays of France - cling to for the local art of living - art de vivre terroir-. But do only the appellations matter? At a time of locavorism and the rise of a comeback to land-based values, local residents cannot help but notice that they are immersed in terroirs that are becoming more and more commonplace; if the desire is indeed here, maintaining the quality and taste aspects of local products is the core of French cuisine and its culinary and typicality heritage.

The terroir is undergoing major changes! Composite metropolitan cultures also want to play their part and are launching into the promotion of local producers. This is where the urban or peri-urban terroir is being introduced. Linking terroirs, territories and modern cosmopolitan, essentially urban, societies is no easy task.
So let's move on to education about the terroir! An edible popular education, more inclusive,respectful of the differences of each individual who has decided, more or less willingly, to live in a particular territory.


- French sources, SORRY!

- French sources, SORRY!

- Local producters from the market place, Place Soubeyrat, Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon

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